Chris Jeffery

Chris Jeffery started Cartridge with Alexandria Jeffery on August 1st, 2005. The two worked together to create a weekly webcomic focusing on making parodies of nerd culture, often with shifting art styles and occasional running gags and recurring characters, all under the title Cartridge Comics. In 2007, as recurring characters began to take the center stage more often, they decided to shut down the comic and start over with a new focus. Feb 1st 2008, the comic was relaunched under the title Cartridge, still focused on parody, but with recurring characters now a more common theme. Eventually Alexandria decided to focus on other hobbies, and since then Cartridge has been the sole project of Chris Jeffery. The two remained close, however. So close that they were married in May of 2011. Chris jumps back and forth between satirical stories and one-shot parodies, but remains focused on lovingly taking jabs at nerd culture.