The Cartridge is the prison of an ancient demon capable of bringing to life one’s obsessions. While this may sound like the ultimate wish fulfillment, the demon has no interest in pleasing its host, but rather seeks hosts with obsessions he may find useful in causing destruction. Since Jerry and Dona sealed him in his plastic prison decades ago, he has sought revenge. However, when his Cartridge became cracked, his powers began to work in strange and unpredictable ways.




Opinionated and antisocial, Milton can be a hard person to like. He runs a blog filled with rants about comic books, movies, and video games, and it’s popular enough to make him a living wage. He spends most of his time at home either writing rants or playing video games on his PC, and depends on Evan to run errands that would usually require him to leave the apartment. He tolerates Jerry’s presence due to Evan’s friendship with him, but otherwise outs little effort into trying to peacefully coexist with other people.




Milton’s roommate and best friend. He works at Pirate Pizza, where he earns a paycheck that mostly funds his growing collection of video games and comic books. He wants to have a social life and lots of friends, but he usually winds up spending most of his time hanging out with Milton. He and Jerry became friends due to their common interests, and Evan often envies his social skills.




Brittany works at Pirate Pizza with Evan, and their shared interest in Pokemon sparked a friendship between them. She lives with her roommate, Jessica, and has turned down being a Time Lord’s companion.



Jerry enjoys Evan’s company, and takes great enjoyment in tormenting Milton. He’s been involved in the video game industry since he was a teenager, though most of his work remains uncredited due to constantly being fired from projects due to his heavy drug use. Though he eventually gave up using substances to come up with ideas, his past is a pile of shattered memories and grand adventures, which often comes back to haunt him.




Dona was Jerry’s girlfriend many years ago, but died while helping him trap the Cartridge demon in his namesake prison. When the demon’s Cartridge became cracked, it caused some strange events, including Dona’s sudden reappearance in the exact location where she had passed away so long ago. She has found it difficult to adjust, but is determined to reclaim the life the Cartridge stole from her.


Chris Jeffery


Chris is the comic’s artist and writer. He appears in the comic from time to time.