(Posting this 2005 comic in 2015)

Yeah, yeah. The joke is played out. I know. People love to write me and tell me about how Jerry’s combination of drugs and Mario is an incredibly played-out joke. But what can I say? It was 2005, and the joke was, at the very least, a lot less common in those days. And while I’ve seen a lot of jokes concerning drug use in Mario, I’ve never come across one that played with the idea being the product of a strung-out drug user’s imagination.

Jerry is by far my longest-running character, having been written into Cartridge’s ongoing plot, slowly dropping harder drugs in favor or just smoking pot, and eventually giving up pot as well. He’s the only character whose background has been explored in its own plot, and he has the range to add both drama and humor to a story. Even though he’s probably my most controversial character, I don’t regret creating him.