The funny thing about this comic is that I actually like all three of the characters I’m picking on, but that doesn’t stop me from being bored with the pattern created by designs such as theirs. There’s nothing wrong with bust characters with tiny waists, it’s the lack of anything else out there I can’t stand. People come in all shapes and sizes, yet in the vast world of video games it’s rare to see someone deviate from the standard proportions.

I suppose it would be unfair to not mention that Borderlands, however, does feature Ellie, a female character that doesn’t fit the standard overstuffed hourglass design.


However, I think it’s worth noting that a great portion of Ellie’s dialog is made up of fat jokes in one form or another. I mean, they’re not overly mean fat jokes or anything, but it’a a noticeably frequent topic in the game. I think she’s a hilarious and refreshing character, she’s handled very differently from Helga. Helga is the only current female option in Loadout (and one of only three player characters) and while certain taunts and animation are obviously meant to take advantage of the character’s design for laughs, there’s not a single thing Helga does that can’t also be done with a male character. In other words, she’s a legitimate female option in a game featuring goofy character models of both men and women. I think that’s something we don’t see often enough.