So apparently a lot of people are having trouble getting into Luke Cage because it’s a show with an almost completely black cast. Some have gone so far as to call the show racist for excluding white people. I’m fascinated by this, because it’s not as though this is in any way an unrealistic depiction of our world. There are areas in New York where white skin is an uncommon sight, and there have been films and television shows in the past that have reflected that. What is unique about Luke Cage is that, where one would typically get into other all-black shows knowing beforehand that the media they were about to consume celebrated black culture, Luke Cage exists in the Marvel Universe, which caters so heavily to white audiences that it is overrun with white leading males named Chris. That means that Luke Cage is enjoying an unusually large audience of white people that are so accustomed to their entertainment featuring at most a handful of token black characters, that when they see no white faces to identify with, they feel excluded and panic.

As a white passing mixed-race person, I have never had any trouble idenfying with white leads, but I do feel a rush of interest and excitement whenever I see Native Americans represented in media. I am extremely thankful that something like Luke Cage exists, because I want to see more racial diversity in our media, and Luke Cage’s shameless celebration of black America within an extremely white space in our culture is waking people up to just how whitewashed their entertainment actually is.