Welcome back, everyone! Feels good to be posting jokes about whatever I want, and this week, I picked a one of my favorites.

Deadliest Warrior is a kickass show that finds a perfect balance between Mythbusters and WWE, bringing in maximum appeal to both nerds and guys who just like violence in general. Basically, imagine if we could alter history so that famous historical armies and figures crossed paths and battled to the death. We may not be able to do that, but DW gets as close to it as technology will allow. They bring in experts on their chosen warriors and test the weapons in labs and fields so they can put all the data they gather into a computer, which then simulates the battle and decides on a winner. The show then wraps up with a dramatized battle of the computer’s decision. It’s insanely entertaining.

However, the show is perfectly designed to watch with friends, because much like wrestling, it’s way more fun when you pick a side at the beginning of the show. There’s nothing more frustrating than watching the guys give the “edge” to the other team’s weapon, especially when you feel your chosen side’s weapon was the deadlier one. I can’t count how many times I’ve shouted “Oh BULLSHIT!” at the television over their choice. Thus the inspiration for pairing up DW with one of the most controversial battles in nerd culture, the battle of Endor.

See you guys Monday with more comic-y goodness! I’ve been working hard at making lots of new pages for you guys. I’m trying my best to keep up with this new update schedule.