This comic is a direct response to a certain commercial that’s been put out in connection to X-Men: Days of Future Past.

In case you can’t play the above video, the concept is really simple. Mystique is standing on an empty set holding a massive burger, and uses her shape changing powers to turn into a big muscular guy in order to eat the greasy monstrosity. The text “MAN UP FOR 2X THE BACON” are then plastered across the screen.

I just… I don’t get how people can still have this attitude in this day and age. Thankfully people are starting to call it out more and more, but there are also plenty of people who are so quick to defend it. “Why are you getting so worked up over this?” they’ll ask. “It’s not that big a deal! You’re making a giant issue out of nothing!”

First of all, sure, there’s bigger things in life going on right now, but that doesn’t influence the importance of this issue. Second, this issue goes deeper than you might think. Our culture is assigning gendered values to things that have no gender whatsoever, and as such we’re creating a hostile environment for people who don’t align with these made-up rules. When Mystique needs to turn into a man to eat a hamburger, thousands of young girls who enjoy the character are being told that certain food items are off-limits to them. When Spider-Man feels the need to justify the “femininity” of sewing his own costume, he’s telling little boys that look up to him that sewing is women’s work. This is the worst kind of message to be sending to the public, because it tells kids, “These are things you cannot accomplish. These are things you should not attempt to do.”

Last I checked, that was the exact opposite message for which superheroes were created.