So this soon-to-be-extremely-dated bat vigilante comic was inspired by this weekend’s internet craze, the dress no one can agree on:

Blue and black or gold and white? Apparently this dress looks different to various people. Not even Batman is sure.


Personally I see blue and black and only blue and black, but there seems to be an intense level of disagreement across the internet. Guess that means I have great eyes? Let’s just hope that’s what it means. Regardless, I’m sure the internet will forget about this nonsense in just a few days. Such is the way of things. But since when have I allowed quick trends to stop me from making comics, right?

Anyway, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to riff on this in classic Cartridge fashion, so here we are. That and I just wanted an excuse to draw Batman. Not that I draw him pretty often already. I mean, who does that, right? Making tons of comics about the same topic, when I have all of geekdom to choose from? Pretty pathetic if you ask me.