So this week a list surfaced on the internet. A blocklist, specifically. It included thousands of Twitter accounts, and somehow, my own was not included. This, despite my numerous anti-GamerGate rants, and not one, but two different anti-GamerGate comics. Well, now make that three, I guess. And since I apparently haven’t been quite loud enough, I must return to this soapbox one last time to make sure I’ve done all I can.

I’ve politely criticized GamerGate, I’ve thrown it a middle finger, and now I just want to send off one last flare of disrespect to that horrible movement. Fuck #GamerGate. I do hope someday we can address the very real issue of the cesspool that is ethics in gaming journalism, but it’s become remarkably clear that we need to clear our culture of misogyny and prejudice first. If you love video games, become part of the solution. Support female indie game developers. Tell game dev studios you’re tired of their catering to a white male demographic. Purchase games that make an effort to break free from the status quo. Speak up when you see someone being harassed. We don’t need to accept this as the way things are. We are our culture. We can change it. The first step is to not be silent. Take action against this bullshit, and we can enjoy gaming in a better atmosphere for both ourselves and those around us.