Surprise! Monday’s comic went up early because I didn’t want this topic to get cold.
You have no idea how badly I wanted to make a comic making fun of DC’s decision to cast Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. In my opinion, while she obviously has the potential to surprise us and turn out to be fantastic, between her past performances and her current physical appearance, there’s not much reason to think she will be good except for sheer optimism.

As the above video points out pretty well, there’s plenty of reasons we should not be rooting for Gadot to fail, and I’m prepared to keep my criticisms as fair as possible, but I still find it difficult to get around just how little she physically resembles the character. In my eyes it’s like casting Michael Cera as Thor. Wonder Woman isn’t like Catwoman or Black Widow. She doesn’t spend most of her time doing stylish flips that keep her out of direct combat. She fights like a tank and should look like a tank, which is why Gina Carano was my top choice.
With all that said, this went right out the window when the in her very first post-announcement interview decided to make this about her breast size. Now, maybe if this were Power Girl we were talking about, whose comically large breasts are a staple of the character, it wouldn’t bother me, but reducing a character like Wonder Woman to breast size is one of the most sexist things I’ve heard since Scarlett Johansson got a rabbit food question after Robert Downey Jr. got a deep question about developing Tony Stark’s character. this behavior needs to stop. Comics are a mainstream business these days, and that means more than ever that girls are going to look up to these female characters as role models. We have to stop treating these characters as wank fodder and allow them to grow into the strong positive influences they already are to many female geeks, such as the one who co-founded this webcomic with me.
So here we are, with me defending the very actress I was so prepared to rip into, all because people had to start hating her for really terrible reasons. I do not have enough face to palm.