Yeah, yeah, another Ghostbusters comic. I know I’ve ranted about this topic before. But major new information has been released. Information that, sadly, doesn’t make the situation any better.

Sony has announced another Ghostbusters movie in addition to the one already in the works. In fact, they’ve formed “Ghost Corps,” a production company led by Ivan Reitman and star Dan Aykroyd, to run the franchise and its various “branding opportunities.” Channing Tatum is a producer, and is expected to star as well. Also, Chris Pratt is rumored to in on it. It’s being headed by the Russo brothers of The Winter Soldier and written by Drew Pearce of Iron Man 3. So, yeah, amazing talent attached this thing. So why am I complaining?

Well, this is all building on the same universe as the female Ghostbusters reboot. Since the female project seems to be making so many mistakes (the mention of “flashy new technology”, claiming inspiration from The Walking Dead, the decision to eject the characters from the original movie from the universe entirely and replacing them with new ones) all of those mistakes will be carried over into this film as well. That’s not even mentioning how foolish it is to be announcing a spinoff when the first film hasn’t even started filming. And all of this based on a long-dead franchise that depended so heavily on the personalities of the comedians portraying the original characters, it’s difficult to predict just how well even a faithful sequel would fare. It just makes my head hurt.

Look, I’m a huge Ghostbusters fan. I’ve wanted to see it continue for ages. I’ve also been realistic enough that I never actually expected all these aging comedians to get back together and make a third movie. But this? I feel like the discussion of whether or not the decision to make the cast all-female has distracted us from discussing anything besides gender. And the backlash has caused Sony to make a bizarre move in an attempt to silence the whining from the fanboys, but in the end we’re not getting a better Ghostbusters series. We’re just going to get two shitty ones. Congratulations, internet. I hope you feel proud of your accomplishment.