I am ridiculously excited for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I’ve watched the trailer an absolutely unhealthy number of times. It’s incredible.

What makes this pretty funny is that I’d never really even heard of this particular Marvel group until about 3 years ago, and being as big a nerd as I am, that’s saying something for their obscurity. I was instantly hooked by the concept of Rocket Raccoon, due to my huge soft spot for raccoons and that pint-size furry badasses are one of my favorite character types (and something I play often in D&D). Still, I had no idea the film was going to be this good. I was all set to just enjoy a weird little niche film that would be so bizarre the mass public would mostly avoid it, but no, Marvel had to put together a trailer so amazing, it took that weirdness and turned it into something uniquely interesting, enough to capture the curiosity and interest of the mass public. Like I said, I’m ridiculously excited.