So, the news of the Ghostbusters reboot broke this week, and I’m not completely pleased with the news. The movie will feature a new, entirely female ream of characters, and will be a complete reboot, telling the origin from scratch. Now, neither of these is something I really mind, but I do have a problem with both of those things happening in one project. Usually when a reboot is made, you are allowed a certain level of creative license, but generally you’re expected to keep most of your main characters, since they usually define the franchise. This is especially true of Ghostbusters, which I’ve always felt that the potential to branch out into the story of a small business, but has mostly stuck close to its original four protagonists. While I expected the new movie wouldn’t attempt to bring the original actors back to their roles (especially since of the four, one has passed away and another hasn’t been the most cooperative) I really only saw them having two options as far as a third movie goes. The first would be to make a movie featuring the company being passed on to a new younger team of fresh characters, with the original team either in cameo roles simply to pass the torch, or entirely offscreen and only mentioned in passing. The other option would be to retell the first movie’s origin story with younger actors filling in the roles of the original team. But what we’re getting, apparently, is a movie that retells the origin in a world where the original films ever happened, but with a cast of entirely new characters. I don’t so much have an issue with the team being entirely female (though I will admit it’s a pretty major change for a franchise) so much as that these characters won’t be Venkman, Ray, Egon, and Winston. Not that I’m eager to see a film recast those roles, being that I so closely associate those character with the actors that portrayed them, but I have a hard time accepting an origin story for Ghostbusters that erases them from the universe. If they would just change course slightly, so that one of the new characters inherited the company from the original four, building on the existing story, that would make me much happier. I want more movies with female protagonists. I definitely want more franchises associated with geek culture to be this accepting of female characters. I just want those female characters to be used in good projects that respect the franchises they’re in, because every time one fails it seems to become more ammunition for the asinine argument that moviegoers won’t support a female-led movie.