EDIT: Yep, it’s an April Fool’s Day gag! As if I needed to tell you guys! Thanks for reading!

So yeah, this is going to be a bit of a startling announcement, but one I’ve been thinking about for a while. Over the course of the comic’s history, I’ve been noticing a growing portion of my audience is female. I always figured the comic had a sort of male slant to it, so you can imagine my surprise. I’ve been trying to work female characters into the comic, but it’s not been easy to do without it feeling forced. So then it hit me. If I were to change the three main characters to women, I could allow the rest of their nerdy lifestyle to go unchanged, while appealing to a wider female demographic. So this is the beginning of that change. From now on, Cartridge will be about Jerri, Evelyn, and Mildred, three geek girls who still have all the same nerdy adventures you’re used to getting from Cartridge.

I hope this rather large step isn’t too jarring, and I hope you enjoy the new adventures I have in store! Stay tuned for Monday’s comic, when the girls buy a pillow fighting game for Kinect!