Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of update last week. As noted above, like just started kicking me in the balls lately, and the last thing that was on my mind over the past week was making comics. I did manage to make this filler, though. Figured I should use this situation to my advantage and get some humor out of it. Anyway, I’m back now, even though I’ve solved next to none of the problems that arose over the past few days. Don’t worry, though, sacrificing the quality of Cartridge isn’t how I’m going to deal with it all. Despite the ever present temptation to pander, I believe you guys are too smart for that stuff, and I’m proud to say I’ve acquired a more intelligent audience than a group of mindless “it’s funny because I recognize the reference!” fans. Pandering is a rough subject for me, because I have comic-making friends who occasionally pander, and most of the time it works out well for them. I know artists who¬†don’t¬†pander who have also found success, and other who toil in obscurity. I guess what I’m saying is pandering is a sort of forbidden fruit among artists. It’s like a cheat code in the video game. It’s probably going to help you finish that level a lot easier, but at what cost? Just as cheat codes cheapen the experience of a video game, pandering in art makes you lose respect for your audience. Instead of being an engaging and creative experience, it becomes a challenge to deconstruct the lowest common denominator to find opportunities to mine them of their loose change. That’s why I’ve always tried to hold myself to a higher standard in my parodies. It’s why Cartridge has such an intense focus on a form of humor that currently has such a bad reputation due to its abuse by certain comedians and television shows. I think more and more parody artists are giving in to that cheat code, and it’s ruining the game.