So I recently played Murdered: Soul Suspect, and while I cannot say in full honesty that I think it was a good game, I thoroughly enjoyed it. To be honest, any modern game that doesn’t put a gun in my hand and give me an army of enemies in which to spray hot lead is already starting off with an advantage, but despite the games shortcomings it was a really interesting concept. You play a detective who, despite his choice of headwear, lives in modern Salem, and must solve his own murder to leave his ghostly limbo and move on to the “white light.” The game is extremely short, repetitive, and certain gameplay elements are more than a little annoying, but I just couldn’t being myself to hate such a beautifully rendered mystery overflowing with ghost stories as you help others escape similar trapped fates in this historic town. Of course, as mentioned in the above comic, this does seem a little presumptuous of your character. Ronan seems all to eager to jump in and solve someone’s personal problems in a matter of minutes, making it look almost effortless. This is despite the fact that some of the ghosts you meet have been trapped for hundreds of years. I mean seriously, lady on the beach, you couldn’t just look around your feet at the rubble and figure out for yourself the cause of your death? You’ve had centuries to straighten out your shit, yet some random guy is able to wander up and put together the pieces for you just to kill some time on the very night of his own murder.

Anyway, I would recommend the game as a rental, but not much more, sadly. I picked the game up at a Redbox and managed to finish and return it before my rental rolled over to an additional day, which saved me roughly $58. Still, I do think it’s very much worth playing.