Hi guys! As usual, I took this week of the year off, because this is a time I enjoy spending with my family and friends, and it leaves me with little time and energy to make internet content. Considering I’ve come back from my slump in a major way this year, I think I’ve earned it. After all, I’ve managed to keep the updates flowing all year long, in addition to launching a YouTube channel. This year has had its fair share of challenges, but unlike the past few years, I’m not looking back at the year and feeling defeated. I honestly feel like I’ve started to make a lot of progress toward getting my life on track to where I want it to be. And I owe all of this to you. This year more than ever, I’ve received an incredible amount of help and support from you guys, and it’s helping to bring in new people to the site, which makes it possible for me to continue making new content for you! You’re all wonderful, and I can’t thank you enough for being with me through this year. Now, as we enter 2015 and Cartridge nears its 10th anniversary, I hope this is only the beginning! Thank you so much.