Welcome back everyone! Hope you all enjoy this page. I’m really enjoying drawing the comic lately, even if I had to rush this page due to having very little free time this week.

Well, I’d feel like a jerk if I didn’t let you in on the new Scott Pilgrim trailer, which I can only describe as OMGSOFUCKINGGOOD.

If you’re not familiar with Scott Pilgrim, I highly recommend it. I’d actually never read the books until seeing the trailer for the film inspired me to check it out (I’m currently about 60 pages into Vol. 2) but I’ve long been aware of its influence on many of my favorite artists. Heck, reading through the books is encouraging me to try some ideas I’ve been sitting on because I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. Also, as much as I am excited about the movie, I’m equally excited about the coming Scott Pilgrim video game! Using the musical talent of Anamanaguchi and the artistic talent of Paul Robertson(WARNING: link contains cartoon boobies, gore, and other stuff) it’s a match made in heaven and I couldn’t possibly think of a better team to handle the job.

Anyway, I’m going to get back into those comics! See you next week!