Hey there kids! Hope you’re all doing great! Over here, well, it’s been interesting, to say the least. Lots of ups and downs. First, some good news: BUTTONS!


Now I know you’re probably wondering where Evan is, and that was some of the bad news. Seems the printers at Kinko’s didn’t like the shades of red I used behind Evan, and rather than printing the halftone design behind him, his buttons came out solid red. The guy at Kinko’s was really cool, however, and helped me work out what I need to do to get it printing properly. I’ll be making Evan buttons soon, and will be selling the five designs as a set.

However, it’s going to have to wait a little while, because I started making buttons for the other characters, and after making exactly one dozen, the press broke in half. Serves me right for trying to save money by buying off eBay. Don’t worry, though, because I bought a new press from the actual company and this one will have a warranty.

But it’s not all bad news! On the positive side, I am officially listed as an interested artist forĀ Dallas Webcomics Expo, or DWEX! Now, I’m not saying I promise I’ll be there, because it’s in November, which is a busy time of year for me, but it’s only one day, the tables are $40, and it’s a 5 hour drive from my home. Considering that it’s a webcomics-specific event, the only way they could make it easier for me to attend is if they built a travelator leading directly from my apartment to the con. If all goes well, you might see me there. Hopefully with some buttons. And Cartridge #1.

Oh, did I forget to mention that? The first print issue of Cartridge is almost finished. My page goal is 24 pages, and I’m currently working on page 20. Should be done with the book by the end of the month.

See you all next week!