Hello there, Cartridge readers! Above you will find the new format for the comic, and I hope you enjoy it. Don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t, since it’s easier for me to draw, and offers more content for you! On top of it all, this format is print-ready, meaning if I should choose, I can print these comics. Not that I currently have any plans to print anything from this arc, however.

But that’s not all the news for this week! I’m proud to announce that I’ve finished work on the first print issue of Cartridge! That’s right, I will soon be submitting the work to a printer and you will be able to purchase Cartridge: Mint Condition very soon! It includes a total of four stories involving our main characters, two of them are short, and two of them a bit longer. All in all it comes to 24 pages! The stories¬†will¬†eventually run on this site, but the comic in will include material exclusive to the print edition. More details on that once I have some hard copies in my hands!

Well, that’s all for now. See you next week, everyone!