And we’re finally back in the present! Sorry the flashback took so long. Like I said last week, this story was written a long time ago, and among other things, one of the problems I hadn’t considered when I wrote this story was how incredibly long it would take to tell everything on a once-a-week update schedule. Believe me when I say I’m trying everything I can to speed things up. I’ve already chopped out huge chunks of the story as it is. I expected to be able to take my time and explore all sorts of areas of Jerry’s life, as well as Evan and Milton’s friendship, but I’ll have to find ways to write it into future stories. From here on out, I’m focusing on gearing the story into a faster pace. At least the new layout will help me with that. The new dimensions allow me to fit almost a whole extra half page into each update, so it’s making it much easier for me to pick up the pace while keeping each update as satisfying as possible.

As far as the print comic goes, Ka-Blam currently says my order is printed and ready to ship, so it’s a matter of days before I have them in hand. Now, the first run is a small test run to check the quality, and the extra copies I ordered are already sold. I’ll be ordering more soon, and I may do preorders, depending on how well I am doing financially at the time the first order arrives. If I do, I’ll be sure to throw in a nice little bonus of some kind.

By the way, my pal Koltreg has a new comic running, and you should go check it out! It’s called Super Feudal Communist Russia Team Squad Now!, and it’s looking great so far.

Well, that’s all for this week. See you next week, when we’ll learn more about Jerry’s plan