And here, we are, the conclusion of the zombie arc! Whew! I wish I could say I’m excited, but honestly, I’m just thankful it’s over. I started this thing two and a half years ago, and now that I’m reaching the end, all I can think is how much I’m glad to be moving on to new things. Especially since I can’t even print this arc due to the fact that the first one and a half chapters aren’t drawn at a high enough resolution. Anyway, I’m just going to push forward and focus on making new stories and new books. Maybe someday I’ll re-draw those pages in my free time so I can print these chapters. Who knows.

I should point out my choice of the words GAME OVER. I considered using something less associated with “You lose!” but I wanted it to feel like the guys had reached the end, and the most common message found at the end of old video games was “GAME OVER.” Well, besides phrases that don’t really apply here, like “Congratulations!” or “Good job!” but the ending is a message to the reader, not the players (who are, in this case, the guys). I was still on the fence about using the phrase, though, until I realized that GAME OVER is the same message I used to close the original Cartridge Comics before making a dramatic shift in tone. Since the comic will now be taking another dramatic shift, I decided it would be fitting to close out the arc with the same words. The next pages aren’t really the start of level 2, it’s the start of a whole new game. Or rather, a more proper sequel to CC. The guys had their adventures and their long arc and their flashbacks and character development, but now it’s time to lighten up and just enjoy some nerd humor. Parody, jokes, and the occasional bit over over-dramatic action played up for humor. It’s what I most enjoy writing, and it was fun to take a break from it, but it’s also good to be back. GAME OVER. We reached the end. Time to move on to a whole new adventure.

Anyway, check back Friday for another comic! In case you haven’t noticed yet, the comic is now updating twice a week. I’ll be running a mix of pages from Mint Condition and stuff I’ve made since then. Hope you like!