Hey there everyone! I’m William, and this is my first post on the new website! In case you haven’t seen me around before, I’m an old character Chris used to draw years ago, but was discarded when his inflated ego decided he had become too good to draw me anymore! Well now he can suck it, because I’m back and McPennyBucks has given me full permission to take care of the website! Haha! Such power! I’ve longed for this moment for years!

I permitted Chris to draw an account of my glorious victory for this week, but next week I will provide you with a fresh reboot by a completely different artist! McPennyBucks will be so proud!

See you then! I’m off to go soak in my hot tub full of Brazilian bikini models! Let’s see if I can convince them a little hair between the legs isn’t always a bad thing!