I have to say, I’m pretty happy with the art this time around. I felt bad for rushing things so bad last week, I worked extra hard on this page, even though I’ve been sick this past week. I even went back and added some detail to the water from the last page to make things a little better. Hope you guys like.

This part was kind of a challenge to write, because that creepy tunnel sort of comes out of nowhere and doesn’t serve much purpose in the film other than adding a sense of danger and madness to the atmosphere. But I eventually realized that precisely what Marvel went for in their antihero phase. They wanted heroes to grow out of their cliche goody-goody images. Give them a dark side to balance out all the fluff of always standing up for what’s good and right. While I think the antihero craze was a somewhat goofy way to handle that, it served to make some of the more simplistic heroes a little more complicated.