I know, this is something a little different from what I usually do, but I figured I’ve seen plenty of other webcomics occasionally break from comic pages for an infographic or other imagery, so why not? Anyway, it was fun for a change of pace, but I don’t expect it to become commonplace on this site. Cartridge always has and always will be primarily a parody comic.

This topic was inspired by the new Ghostbusters reboot, which as you probably know, I have a lot of mixed feelings about. Especially since the reboot is getting a lot of hate for reasons I don’t think are fair. And as I pointed out in the blog, that goes with my previous comic on the subject, I have no issue with the leads being female. But Paul Feig has maintained that this movie will be a hard reboot. That means despite the film introducing an entirely new cast of characters, it also takes place in a completely separate timeline, which essentially puts it in the same category as Catwoman in the “In Name Only” style of reboots. It’s incredibly rare that this results in anything but garbage. And when it does? It’s usually because the original source material was, for whatever reason, devoid of film potential. Now, I know a lot of you are actually excited about this film, so let me clarify that I’m not saying this film will definitely be bad. But I am having a lot of trouble getting excited about it. Hell, there’s a side of me that wants this reboot to be great just because it will be a huge middle finger to all of the sexist assholes who are angry just because the film features female Ghostbusters. I am happy to see someone in Hollywood who isn’t afraid to involve women in a geeky franchise. However, what I want most of all is for that franchise to be handled with respect. We’ll just have to wait and see.