This week’s comic was inspired by a recent argument I had. I’ve just always found it odd that there’s a certain level of behavior we’ve come to expect as normal, but only as long as it comes from a lifestyle we consider normal. We see straight relationships all over the place, in commercials, films, cartoons, everywhere. Straight couples can get away with quite a bit of public affection without offending anyone, however, for many people, the most innocent displays of affection bring up discussions of indecent behavior, and exposing children to sexual acts. Somehow a gay couple holding hands is indecent on the level of a straight couple heavily making out in public, and a kiss is about as family friendly as a sidewalk blowjob. It’s a double standard that angers me to no end. We’re slowly crawling out of bigotry as a culture, but this is a hurdle we’ll have to defeat before we can make any major strides toward equality.