So yes, before anyone points it out, I did indeed speak up in defense of a PG-13 Deadpool. I still stand by that idea. I think a PG-13 rating is not a death sentence for the character, and they still could have made a fantastic film with the limitation in place. However, the R rating is going to offer some extremely beneficial extra freedom, so I’m absolutely thrilled the studio has agreed to take that somewhat ballsy move. Especially considering it will sacrifice potential ticket sales in favor of being true to the character. Ryan Reynolds deserves a goddamn award for squeezing this much cooperation out of Fox Studios. Fox Studios, the very people that turned Deadpool into a mute, Galactus into a cloud, and reduced Juggernaut to a reference to an internet meme. My only concern, however, is that we need to reward this decision with loyalty. This project is putting a lot of faith in its fans. If you want to see more films doing the same, you’ll need to make sure you drag as many people as possible to come see this film. Especially since the crowd that is most likely to enjoy Deadpool’s immature humor are the very people who will have difficulty buying tickets. If this film is even half as good as it’s shaping up to be, I’ll be seeing it multiple times. I mean, the costume is spot-on. The leaked footage indicates that the humor is perfect as well. We’re even getting Gina Carano finally cast in a comic book role. It’s all so perfect, it’s hard to believe this film is even real. Ryan Reynolds has been fighting to make this movie for ages. This is going to be his third time playing a version of the character. (Yes, third. People often speak of Wolverine: Origins’ perfect Wade and trainwreck Deadpool, but many forget he also played a “We couldn’t get the rights to Deadpool so here’s as close as we can get” version in Blade: Trinity.) I have nothing but respect for this man’s persistence, and I hope it pays off. It fills my nerd heart with joy to see someone so determined to treat a comic book character with such a great amount of respect. We could use a lot more of that attitude. If for no other reason, I want to see this project succeed.