So today’s comic is inspired by several quotes I’ve read from various franchise leaders whose responses to questions about female leads come across as somewhat insincere. Lots of fantasy media likes to play it safe and keep the focus where it has always been- on the guys. However, as these products become more mainstream, creators are being faced more frequently with the question of when female characters will have a chance to shine. This isn’t to say they’re completely unwilling to take the chance, (since Feige’s statement for instance, a Captain Marvel movie was announced, then subsequently moved back in favor of Sony and Marvel’s joint Spidey reboot.) and certainly none of these franchises hold any obligation to take that chance beyond pleasing their audience, but there is an overwhelmng feeling of dishonesty emenating from statements from mwn with the final say in a franchise’s decisions shrugging off responsibility and claiming that he wants to do it, if only the stars aligned properly in order to allow it. The only limit in fiction is your imagination. Any answer less than “We have a plan to do it; it’s on the way” actually means, We don’t want to do it.” And at this point, I’m more frustrated with the lies than anything else.