Batman vs. Superman, I don’t know what to think of you. I’m cool with you wanting to tackle more of your characters besides Batman and Superman. And while I’ve never heard of the guy you’ve chosen, he at least looks the part. That makes this less of a baffling choice than Gal Gadot, anyway. But my god, do you really need to pack this many major characters into your film? I mean, it seems you’re either going to disappoint fans by introducing these characters while having no time to actually develop them, or you’ll bog down the story by trying to properly introduce so many characters that are actually way more deserving of films than Bats and Supes. Couldn’t they just announce a Cyborg movie? Couldn’t they do the same with Wonder Woman? Does DC really think packing half the Justice League into one film is going to have the kind of draw The Avengers had?

I don’t know. I can’t even say this movie is shocking me anymore, because I’m just completely lost and have kind of stopped caring. Whatever. Let’s see where this goes.