I have a love/hate relationship with Agents of SHIELD. I love the idea of it. I love that It brought back Coulson. I love that there’s this little pocket of extra room for Marvel to more thoroughly explore the Marvel Cinematic Universe without having to pack those details into action films that by their nature can’t get bogged down with silly details. However, I’m not crazy about the show itself. I think show’s main cast is annoying, there’s far too much focus on young, attractive, and overwhelmingly white characters, and the show seems incredibly afraid to tread on worthwhile Marvel territory for fear of ruining potential material for the films. So when I heard Deathlok was going to appear, I was excited that the show was getting a bit more ballsy in their attitude toward well-known characters. At least, I was excited until I saw this:

deathlok AoS

Hey guys, who’s up for some laser tag?

In all seriousness, I’m sure his costume will get improved down the road, but… eeeeech. Not a happy Marvel fan right now.